Rank Tracking Tools Explained

Rank Tracking Tools Explained

SEO professionals usually focus on climbing up the search engine result pages. However, there is more to getting the #1 spot; you need to grow your traffic volume and conversion rates. In light of this fact, SEO pros now pay attention to rank tracking and other metrics such as organic traffic and conversions.

Types of Ranking Tools

Ranking tracking tools come in different forms. Based on the nature of the installation, ranking tools can be classified as:

  • Web browser plugins: These are essentially add-ons that seek to stretch your web browser capabilities. The beauty of using plugins as ranking tool checkers is that Google cannot detect your tracking operations because it works in the browser. Not withstanding, plugins are fast-acting and ideal for anyone who wants to get the numbers fast.
  • Desktop software: These applications are installed directly on a computer and do not require a web browser. The standalone nature of desktop-installed tools allows them to run extensive keyword lists without raising suspicion. An app installed on a Windows 10 desktop can achieve this anonymity with easy by either emulating human behavior or using a rotating list of IP addresses.
  • Web-based SaaS solutions: Ranking tools that work as software as a service (SaaS) solution do run on local computers. Instead, they work remotely on a subscription-based server. Web-based SaaS solutions save you from the burden of maintaining multiple IPs.

Why Rank Tracking Applications

Besides evaluating how your keywords rank, an SEO keyword rank tracker offers a host of added features to grow your rankings. And here are some noteworthy features offered by these applications.

Competitor tracking

As much as you need to keep a close eye on your SEO efforts, you also need to know how your competitors are faring. Most keyword monitoring tools also give you critical competitor insights on the list of keywords that you are monitoring.

Geo Specific Rankings

If you need to keep track of your SERP rankings in different countries, a rank tracking software can help you check your local rankings in diverse locations.

Automated Functions

You no longer need to check your keyword ranking manually. Some keyword research tools offer automated scheduling functions that come in handy when you need to check your website on autopilot.

The key to getting the best from rank monitoring is to choose a tool that best suits your needs. So, it would be best if you were prepared to do some due diligence on your part.