How to use computers and technology to help keep fit

How to use computers and technology to help keep fit

In recent years, the world of fitness has been turned upside down by the arrival of new technologies that can help people to keep on top of their fitness goals. From wearable tech like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch to internet connected fitness devices such as the Peloton and even the clothes that people wear while they work out, many people have found that their approach to fitness has been radically altered. This article will examine some of the trends that have emerged and discuss whether or not things are likely to remain the same in a post-COVID world.

The clothes we wear

The computer revolution has completely changed the world of men’s and women’s activewear. Companies like Nike and Adidas now put huge efforts into using technology to shave the next hundredth of a second off the world record time in various sports. The good news for non-world beating athletes is that many of the technological innovations that these projects are uncovering are trickling down to the regular sportswear market. This means that anyone who is in the market for women’s activewear has the opportunity to buy products that use some of the technological innovations that have emerged over the last few years. Shoes are one of the parts on the womens activewear market that have been most dramatically impacted by the world of technology but all items have seen changes.

Wearable technology

Wearable fitness devices have become mainstream in a very short period of time. While many doubted the utility of devices such as the Apple Watch when they first launched, tight integrations with gym equipment and other popular technology products such as the iPhone have made them very popular. The ability for users to challenge each other to set ever better times and records when they work out has brought a new social aspect to the world of fitness and has encouraged those who may have been put off going to the gym before to consider going.

The use of technology in gym equipment

Popular items of gym equipment such as the treadmill and stationary bicycle have become even more tech-driven in recent years. A decade ago, merely being able to watch live TV while working out at the gym was seen as a significant innovation. Now, gym goers expect the tech they are using to integrate with the treadmill that they are running on and give them live feedback on how they are performing.

From womens activewear to new tech products, the world of fitness is being constantly changed by the impact of technology and computers. There is every chance that these changes will accelerate even more in the years to come.