Software Every Writer Should Install on Their Computer

Software Every Writer Should Install on Their Computer

Whether you are a novelist, freelance writer, academic writer, or blogger, you need the right tools to stay organized. Today, various software programs make a writer’s life easier. Here are some of the best applications.


This advanced software has been designed for non-fictional writers and avid novelists. It consists of templates that can be used in both non-fictional and fictional write-ups. Scrivener is one of the best software programs that are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. It enables you to easily export books to other platforms such as iBooks, Kobo, and Kindle, thereby saving your time when formatting. The features allow for easy dragging and dropping of sections, creating sub-files, and building outlines and scenes. There is a project binder that organizes notes and research materials. When doing complex projects, use the corkboard, outliner, or split the screen.


Created with academic writing in mind, SmartEdit provides additional perks that are not found in standard editing tools. It is very keen on checking words that have been repeated over and over, especially adverbs. It is one of the best Cowrite tools with an error-checking tool for spelling and grammar, as well as conflicting usage of words. SmartEdit also detects profanity, clichés, and foreign terms.


If you want to turn a book into an eBook, Vellum will do it for you better than a word processor or Scrivener. Vellum has an extra tool for making an eBook look great all the time. The previewer lets you see the changes that you are making along the way. The formatting in Vellum is option-based and stripped down; the perfect features for designing an eBook.


As the name suggests, FocusWriter eliminates all potential distractors so you can focus on writing. It hides all unnecessary programs, sets alarms, shows your progress, and customizes the appearance of text on your screen.