Three Accounting Software Programs for Small and Large Businesses

Three Accounting Software Programs for Small and Large Businesses

Businesses undoubtedly need to keep a record of their income, and overall profit. It is not a simple task to keep track of all these transactions. Here, we look at three of the best software programs for accounting professionals.

Fresh Books

This cloud-based software can handle various tasks, including invoicing, time tracking, and expense tracking. It is easy to use the tool and it can, if need be, integrated with other services such as MailChimp, Paypal and Zendesk, among others. It is recommended for small business owners.

Intuit QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks comes with numerous features such as expense tracking, time tracking, bills management, and invoicing. This cloud-based accounting software has an option for adding other apps such as job scheduling and inventory management, but it’s quite expensive and suits large enterprises only.


With Xero, you can have your expense tracking and management accounted for, not forgetting it has awesome mobile app software. Although Xero software is cheap, its main downside is the restriction of services such as only sending a maximum of five invoices, and is unable to support multiple currencies, among others.

These are not the only accounting software programs available. There exist other choices, including Sage, FreeAgent, Gusto, and QuickBooks Enterprise, just to mention a few.