Setting Up Your Own Intranet System

Setting Up Your Own Intranet System

Any good business knows that a reliable communication strategy is vital to its ultimate goal. Clear and effective internal communications are crucial to empower your workforce and disseminate essential guidance. Whether you wish to communicate your new business plans or inform staff of objectives, then you need an excellent intranet system in your company. Gone are the days of sending out physical booklets, memos, and reports. Nowadays, all of these can be distributed to relevant recipients with a minimum of effort. When considering installing an intranet system, Omnia intranet could be the perfect solution.

What Can Omnia Offer?

Omnia helps you to improve your workforce communication in six areas as follows:

  • Internal and external applications: Omnia can give access to any internal applications such as reference data and word processing apps.
  • Objective sharing: Does everyone employed in your organization know where they fit in? Are they aware of your goals and objectives? Do they learn how to play their part? Omnia offers the power to share this knowledge with the workforce.
  • Governance: Omnia allows your business to set up a system of administrators who can monitor compliance, set performance targets, manage content and assess and solve any irregularities within your intranet system.
  • Improve communication: Omnia provides robust communication channels from simple to complex scenarios to ensure your employees are always well-informed.
  • Workforce collaboration: Omnia promotes team cooperation so that the workforce can be engaged in the business process and work together in teams effectively.
  • Improve user experience: Omnia offers a company-wide user-based work experience that focuses on achieving objectives, meeting targets, and getting tasks done.

Omnia offers your business world-class customer service and backup services. Should any problems arise, they are available to answer your queries promptly and efficiently.


All of the above are essential to the success of any organization, and the variety of communication tools can be totally designed to meet your requirements. Effective communication systems are a vital tool that can significantly contribute to the success of any public or private enterprise. Omnia systems are used in local government, law firms, construction companies, manufacturing, international offices, and departments. The company can also provide Knowledge Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, Information Security Management, and Document Management systems.

No matter what kind of organization you are involved in, ultimately, its success and effectiveness benefit significantly from improved communication systems. Having an integrated intranet system from Omnia is bound to increase the satisfaction of the workforce and make your venture more successful and profitable. This suits both commercial and non-commercial enterprises since well-informed, trained, and knowledgeable workers are intrinsic to any business. Check out the website of Omnia today, and you won’t be disappointed. After all, everyone is looking to improve one way or another, and having a dedicated intranet system can help you achieve this.