Features of a Good Gaming PC

Features of a Good Gaming PC

According to statistics, 48% of the 3.1 billion gamers worldwide play on PCs. For fans of the latest AAA games, not just any PC is ready for the task. Whether it is a desktop or laptop, there are several must-have features for a smooth gaming experience.

1. CPU & GPU

A good gaming PC should have the required processing power to take on the heavy games that game developers are releasing nowadays. Here, there are two options; an Intel CPU or AMD. A good starting point will be a Core i7 CPU or its AMD equivalent. But for the pro-level gaming, only the latest Intel Core i9 processor or its AMD equivalent is recommended.

Besides the processor, make sure the PC has a dedicated GPU for an immersive gaming experience. A powerful GPU is also crucial if you want to take advantage of new gaming technologies, such as Ray-Tracing.

2. RAM & Storage

When buying a gaming PC, you will need to consider RAM and storage. RAM is critical as it is where the game is loaded. Anything above 8GB is good for gaming.

Regarding storage, it’s essential to have ample space now that new games clock in at 100GB plus. With 1TB storage, you are good to go. For gaming, SSD is preferred instead of HDD because the former offers faster performance.

3. Cooling System

Last, check out the cooling system in place. It should be optimized to ensure the CPU and GPU don’t get hot even after those long gaming sessions.

Wrapping Up

The above are the critical factors to consider when looking for the best computer for gaming. Besides the above factors, consider other features such as the display options, keyboard system, and fancy extras like RGB lighting to spice up your gaming.