Three Best Desktops to Buy in 2019

Three Best Desktops to Buy in 2019

In 2019, you can be spoilt for choice shopping for a desktop. A lot of updates have been made with improved versions released in the market since every desktop manufacturer wants to stay on top. Below are the best three desktops readily available both for personal and business use.

Apple iMac 2019

The Apple iMac 2019 has won the competition. This new model has a 27-inch display with 5K Retina display, and it is the best one so far. This Apple iMac is the fastest, thanks to the 9th gen Intel CPUs and Radeon Pro Vega 48 GPU. It also has a large storage of up to 2TB and fast memory.

HP Pavilion Wave

This desktop sports a compact and stylish design. It boasts an Intel Core i5-6400T processor, backed up by 8GB memory and a 128 GB SSD to handle demanding tasks. There is also a 1TB HDD for unlimited storage.

Surface Studio 2

The Surface Studio 2 is equipped with a vivid 28-inch screen touchscreen with 4500 x 3000-pixel. This model uses a 7th-gen quad-core Core i7 7820HQ giving it excellent processing power, not forgetting the 16GB or 32GB RAM and GTX 1070 8GB GPU.

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