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Voice Over  IP (VoIP) Gateways for Overhead Paging

1, 2, 4 and 8 Port VOIP

Businesses  can be set up for simultaneous company-wide overhead paging to multiple  locations within a facility or across a campus without running new lines,  or even to remote locations thousands of miles away. The PCM2000  Paging Control System, Telephone  access modules (TAMB), and amplifiers integrate  seamlessly with VOIP Gateways to provide overhead voice paging over IP  networks.


  • Utilizes  existing Ethernet network (unlike competitor's VoIP solutions)
  • Simultaneous  overhead voice paging to multiple locations within a facility, nearby or  branch office buildings, or to remote locations using the Internet or  Intranet
  • Single- or  multi-zone paging at any or all locations
  • Efficiently  communicate company-wide emergency alerts or general announcements,  saving both time and money while improving communication
  • Connects  directly to phones or PBX; compatible with virtually any telephone port  type
  • Configurable  from a web browser or Microsoft Windows®

1-port  VoIP Gateway

MVP130 Image


1  analog port for communication over an existing IP network or  the Internet

For  businesses requiring paging to a remote  location

2-port  VoIP Gateway


2  analog ports for communication over an existing IP network or  the Internet

For  businesses requiring paging to two zones at remote  locations

MVP 210 Image

4-port  VoIP Gateway

MVP410 Image


4  analog ports for communication over an existing IP network or  the Internet

For  businesses requiring paging to
1-4 zones at remote  locations

8-port  VoIP Gateway


8  analog ports for communication over an existing IP network or  the Internet

Does  not require integration with a server or desktop  PC

For  businesses requiring paging to
1-8 zones at remote  locations

MVP810 Image

Voip Flow Diagram

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