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Paladin Tools and Accessories

Paladin Crimp Tools, Paladin Punch Down Tools, Paladin Stripping Tools, Paladin Technician Tools and Tool Kits

Our company offers Paladin Tools and Accessories for copper and fiber installations, such as: Paladin Crimp Tools, Paladin Punch Down Tools, Paladin Stripping Tools, Paladin Technician Tools and Tool Kits and more. Please see below some of  the Paladin tools, and check the Paladin crimp tool,  the Paladin crimp tool for AMP/Tyco, and the Paladin tone and probe.

We serve markets in the USA and Canada and we pride ourselves with fast and reliable deliveries, low prices and excellent customer support. Paladin offers some of the best tools for solutions for Twisted Pair & Flat Phone Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Coaxial Cable, Electrical and Industrial Use, Bench and other Hand Tools. With a very large diversity of products and accessories, our company can supply all you need for voice and data communications over copper and fiber networks. Contact us Today and Request a Quote for Paladin cabling tools, connectors and accessories.

    Paladin Tools for Twisted Pair & Flat Phone Cable

  • Cutters: Snips/Scissors, KT 8 Cutter, KT 12 Cutter, Datacomm Knife & Scissors Kit, KT 35 Cutter
  • Strippers: Data SureStrip®, AM 12, Stripper/Punchdown, Combo UTP/Coax SureStrip®
  • Punchdown Tools: SurePunch® Pro, SurePunch®, ProPunch® Multi-Pair, Standard impact, Non-impact, Blades / SurePunch, Standard impact, GripPacks, PDT Kits / SurePunch Pro/SurePunch, ProPunch, Standard impact
  • Crimpers: CrimpALL®/8000 Series, 1300 Series, All-in-One Phone & Data Tools, Die Sets - CrimpALL®/8000 & 1300 Series
  • Testers: LAN ProNavigator®, LAN ProNavigator® Kit, Data/Link ID & Cable-Check™, Tone & Probe Plus Cable-Check™, LAN Cable-Check™, PC Cable-Check™ Pro, LAN & A/V Cable-Check™
  • Kits: International Kits, Data/Voice Kits, Ultimate Kits
  • Cable Pulling: FIBERFISH, FiberSnake, FIBERFISH attachment kit, Cable Reel holder
  • Accessories: Untwist tool, Pocket probe pick, Can wrench, Modular adapters, RJ11/RJ12 Modular Plugs, RJ45 Modular Plugs, Wrap/Unwrap Bits
  • Butt-Sets
  • Multi-Tools

    Paladin Tools for Fiber Optic Cable

  • Cutters: Kevlar cutters
  • Strippers: FiverOptic™, Economy fiber optic, Adjustable jacket stripper, AM 25 & AM 35 slitters, Universal slitter
  • Crimpers: 1600 Series, CrimpALL®/8000 Series, 1300 Series, Die Sets - CrimpALL®/8000 & 1300 Series, Die Sets - 1600 Series
  • Accessories: Polishing Pucks, Scribe
  • Kits
  • Paladin Tools for Coaxial Cable

  • Cutters: Utility Cable cutter, KT 8 Cutter, KT 12 Cutter
  • Strippers: CST Series, LC CST Series, Combo UTP/Coax SureStrip®, CST Pro Series, Replacement Blades
  • Crimpers: 1600 Series, CrimpALL®/8000 Series, 1300 Series, SealTite® Pro, SealTite®, Die Sets - CrimpALL®/8000 & 1300 Series, Die Sets - 1600 Series
  • Testers: LAN ProNavigator®, LAN ProNavigator® Kit, PC Cable-Check™ Pro, LAN & A/V Cable-Check™
  • Kits: Ultimate Kits, CoaxReady Kits, Broadcast Kits, SealTite® Kits
  • Accessories: Flaring Tools, BNC Extraction Tool, CATV F Extraction Tool, Satellite & Cable TV, Adapters
  • SealTite® Compression Connectors: SealTite® RCA Connectors, SealTite® BNC Connectors, SealTite® CATV F
  • Non-Compression Connectors: Hex-Crimp Connectors, Push-On Connectors, Twist-On Connectors
  • Paladin Tools for Electrical and Industrial Use

  • Cutters: Utility Cable Cutter, KT 35 Cable Cutter - 500 MCM, KS 42 Cable Cutter - 600 MCM
  • Strippers: GripP strippers, P-strippers, stripax®, mini-stripax® plus, AM25 & AM35 slitters, Universal slitter, stripax® plus 2.5
  • Crimpers: 1600 Series, CrimpALL®/8000 Series, 1300 Series, 1440 Series, Die Sets - 1600 Series, Die Sets - CrimpALL®/8000 & 1300 Series, Wire Ferrule Crimpers, Other Crimpers
  • Kits: Terminal Crimp Kit
  • Cable Pulling, FIBERFISH, FiberSnake, FIBERFISH attachment kit, Cable reel holder
  • Accessories: Wire ferrules
  • Multi-Tools
  • paladin-toolsBench/Other Hand Tools from Paladin

  • Desoldering Tools
  • Heat Gun
  • Computer Service Kit
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Cable Tie Gun
  • Cable Pulling Tools: FIBERFISH
  • New Paladin Tools

  • LAN & A/V Cable-Check™ Tester
  • SealTite® Pro Audio/Video Kit
  • Combo UTP/Coax SureStrip®
  • SurePunch® Pro PDT Double 110 Blade
  • Coax 3-Way Tool
  • PowerBlade Multi-Purpose Knife
  • Butt Set
  • CST Pro Coax Strippers
  • GripP Stripper Bundle

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Paladin Tools

Paladin Crimp Tool

Paladin Crimp Tool AMP Style

Paladin Tone & Probe

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Paladin Crimp Tools
Paladin Crimp Tools AMP Style
Paladin Tools Tone & Probe

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