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On-Q-Legrand-CatalogOur company is an On-Q distributor located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We offer the full line of On-Q Legrand Home Systems to dealers, builders, installers and homeowners interested in quality and stylish solutions for structured wiring, audio video, home theater, voice and data networking, control, security and lighting.

Home Systems Infrastructure - On-Q Structured Wiring
Structured wiring allows you to distribute high-quality telephone, television and networking services throughout your home over a single integrated system. The cable is installed behind your walls from one central enclosure and distributed to multiple rooms or multiple locations within the same room. What does this mean for you? Wire your home for expansion once and you'll have the flexibility to adapt your home to your changing lifestyle--plus the comfort of knowing your home has just increased in overall value.

The On-Q products are easy to install in both new contruction and retrofit/remodeling and add great value to the homes. Please see below the On Q infrastructure products. For more info and to buy, please check the On-Q Catalog and Request a Quote.

OnQ Infrastructure Products

  • on-q-infrastructure-toolsTools & Accessories
    • Tools
    • Accessories & Connectors
  • Enclosure Products
    • Network Centers
    • Enclosures
    • Concrete Enclosures
    • Multiple Dwelling Unit/FTTH Enclosures
    • Security Mounting Plates
    • Enclosure Accessories
  • Power Management
  • on-q-infrastructure-wall-plates-insertsWall Plates & Inserts
    • Boxes
    • Pre-Configured
    • On-Q Connectivity Changes
    • Inserts
    • Studio Collection Wall Plates
    • Outlet Straps
    • Classic Wall Plates
  • tecCenter
    • Modules
    • ceLAN
    • iLAN
    • Panel Assemblies
    • Integration Kits
    • Miscellaneous


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On-Q Audio

On-Q Video

On-Q Cameras

On-Q Data

On-Q Enclosures

On-Q Intercom

On-Q Lighting

The On-Q Legrand 2010 catalog in eBook format will help you find quickly the Home Systems and Accessories you need. Please fill the form above to request your prices and discounts. We serve home builders, installers and homeowners nationwide. With very high level of customer support and on-the-budget solutions, we are confident we will win your trust and loyalty and we will be your partner for years to come.

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