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Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable from Hitachi Cable Manchester

Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cable, Multimode Fiber, Singlemode Fiber

Tight Buffered Fiber Optic Cables
Bulk Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
Tight-Buffered cable designed for indoor / outdoor applications has many advantages over traditional outdoor cable spliced to indoor cable. The first advantage is an improvement in reliability. Anytime there is a splice transition, link reliability is reduced. HCM UL-rated indoor/outdoor fiber cable comes directly in the building as far as needed for final termination. Connectors are assembled onto the fiber cable at the final patching center, not at an inappropriate, hard to reach transition zone. The second benefit is that the indoor / outdoor cable construction lends itself to a quicker termination process than conventional outdoor rated cable. The buffered fibers provide ample link protection and there is no injected gel to clear off prior to the termination process. Lastly, the proven reliability of buffered fiber for indoor and outdoor applications delivers reliability advantages over and above those derived at the termination of the fibers. Robust enough for long pulls, with adequate bend and crush protection for the most complex indoor configurations, HCM's Indoor / Outdoor Tight Buffered Fiber cable will deliver many years of superior performance.

50/125 Ám Multimode Tight Buffered Cables

62.5/125 Ám Multimode Tight Buffered Cables

Singlemode Tight Buffered Cables




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