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Fluke Networks Products and Accessories

DTX Cable Analyzers, MicroMapper Pro VDV Cable Testers, Intellitone Toners and Probes, Hand Tools, CableIQ Qualification Tester, FiberInspector Pro, FiberViewer, Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits , SimpliFiber Optical Loss Test Kits , CertiFiber, VisiFault Visual Fault Locator, OptiFiber OTDR, Punchdown Tools and Blades, Tool Kits, MicroScanner Cable Verifier, Telephone Test Sets, Basic Cable Testers

DTX-Cable-AnalyzerOur company offers Fluke Network products and services, such as: MicroScanner Cable Verifier, DTX Cable Analyzer Series, MicroMapper Pro VDV Cable Tester, Hand Tools, CableIQ Qualification Tester, FiberInspector Pro, FiberViewer, Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits , SimpliFiber Optical Loss Test Kits , CertiFiber, VisiFault Visual Fault Locator, OptiFiber OTDR, Punchdown Tools and Blades, Professional Tool Kits, Intellitone Toners and Probes, Telephone Test Sets, and Basic Cable Testers.

We serve markets in the USA and Canada and we pride ourselves with fast and reliable deliveries, low prices and excellent customer support. Fluke Networks offers solutions for Datacomm Cabling, IT Networking and Telecommunications Providers. With a very large diversity of products and accessories, our company can supply all you need for voice and data communications over copper and fiber networks.


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620 LAN CableMeter®
635 QuickBERT-T1
990DSL CopperPro™ Series II Broadband Loop Tester
990DSL CopperPro™ Test Set
ADSL Splitter
Aggregating In-Line Tap
AnalyzeAir™ Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer
Cable Splicing Knife
Cable Strippers
CableIQ™ Qualification Tester
CableIQ™ Residential Qualifier
Can Wrenches
Central Office Management, Planning & Administration System (COMPAS)
Centralized Air Pressure System (CAPS)
Combination Taps
CopperPro Terminator™ Far End Terminating Device
Craft Terminal Interface (CTI)
D214™ Series Non-Impact Tools
D814™ Series Impact Tools
D914™ Series Impact Tools
DATU EXP Loop Test & Conditioning Unit
DaVaR NetServer
DaVaR NetTest Plus
DaVaR Outside Plant Testing Services (DOTS)
DaVaR System
Demand Test Tracker
Distributed Work Manager (DWM)
DSP CableAnalyzer™ Series
DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series
Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits
Electrician's Snips
EtherScope™ Series II Network Assistant
EXP Manager
EXP System
Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits
FiberInspector™ Mini
FiberInspector™ Pro
Filtering Link Aggregation Taps
In-Line Taps
Insight EXP Test Set
IntelliTone™ Pro Toner and Probe
InterpretAir™ WLAN Survey Software
JackRapid™ Termination Tool
LinkRunner™ Network Multimeter
LinkRunner™ Pro Network Multimeter
LinkWare Stats™
LinkWare™ Cable Test Management Software
LoopExpert System (LES)
MetroScope™ Service Provider Assistant
MicroMapper™ Pro VDV Cable Tester
MicroScannerČ Cable Verifier
Model 105A Remote Test Unit
Model 107A/F Remote Test Unit
Modular Adapters
Modular Crimper
Need-L-Lock Crimping Pliers

NetDSL Field Controller
NetDSL System
NetFlow Tracker
NetServer DSL Engineering Interface
NetTool™ Series II Inline Network Tester
OMNIScanner Series
OneTouch™ Series II Network Assistant
Opening/Closing Log (OCL)
OptiFiber® OTDR
OptiView® DS3/E3 WAN Analyzer
OptiView® Link Analyzer
OptiView® Network Analyzer
OptiView® OC3/OC12 WAN Analyzer
OptiView® Protocol Expert
OptiView® T1/E1 WAN Analyzer
Pair Availability Analysis (PAA)
PfR Manager
Pro3000™ Analog Tone and Probe
Proactive Pair Recovery (PPR)
Probe Pic
Pro-Tool™ Kits
Punchdown Tool Blades
Query Verify & Fix (QVF)
Shared Screening Module (SSM)
SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits
SimpliFiber™ Optical Loss Test Kits
SPAN Aggregating & Switching Taps
SPAN Aggregating & Switching Taps CLONE
Spotcheck® ADSL Modem Verification Unit
SuperDaVaR Plus
Tap and Switch Solutions
Technician Aid to Complete Testability (TACT)
Test Tracker
TS®100 Cable Fault Finder
TS®1200 ADSL/POTS Test Set
TS®19 Test Sets
TS®22 Series Test Sets
TS®250 ISDN Test Set
TS®25D Test Sets
TS®30 Series Test Sets
TS®40 Series Test Sets
TS®90 Cable Fault Finder
VisiFault™ Visual Fault Locator
Visual Performance Manager
Visual UpTime® Select™
Voltage Detector
XLink Analyzer

Easy Copper Certification & Testing, Fiber Certification and Testing, Testing 10 Gig Ethernet over Copper and Fiber Cabling and more...
Unbeatable Prices and Excellent Customer Support for Fluke Networks

Besides selling you Fluke Network products and accessories at very competitive prices we can help your company find the best solutions for your application. Please see below what we offer:

Solutions for Cabling Designers & Consultants
Fluke Networks understands that your success depends on your ability to stay up-to-date with new standards, performance requirements, the latest technology and industry information. But it's all moving at gigabit/sec speeds to support the demand for ever-increasing data throughput.
Solutions for Cable Installation Technicians
The Cabling Installation Solutions help cabling installers and technicians to navigate through the maze of standards, cable classification systems, measurement technology, and applications information so that you can stay current, increase your productivity and deliver better value to your organization.

Solutions for Designing & Implementing Application Services
The business is demanding faster and more reliable network and WAN services. In addition, you and your staff are constantly asked to deliver new applications and technologies – VoIP, Wireless, ERP systems. Satisfying the business needs while managing the network staff, equipment and constant change can be a challenge. If this sounds like a challenge you face in your job, the Solutions for Design and Implement Application Services can be your resource to help you and your organization gain greater control.

Solutions for Ethernet in an Industrial Environment
There are three primary areas where industrial networking issues can occur: the network, electrical signaling, or cabling infrastructure. We can help you find the best Fluke products for the Ethernet in an Industrial Environment and with product information for troubleshooting the most common issues that could wreak havoc on your Industrial Ethernet.

Fluke-MultimeterSolutions for LAN System Integrators
LAN system integrators (SIs) and value added resellers (VARs) specialize in network installations and upgrades. By following best practices for pre-installation assessment, installation and configuration, and LAN validation, and using the right tool for the job, SIs and VARs can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize risk.

Solutions for Managing Service Provider Networks
Today, it's more critical than ever for telecommunications service providers to aggressively drive revenue growth through new technology advances while reducing the operating costs and organizational bandwidth required to support the existing or legacy parts of the business.

Solutions for Managing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Application Performance
The options for delivering the multi-tier application visibility necessary to deal with these pain points have traditionally been limited as application performance management solutions offered either a macroscopic view or a microscopic view, but not both. We can help you make sense of the options and considerations, with expert advice, products and accessories..

Solutions for Network Engineers
The more your network changes, the more you need to improve network vision and control to help you overcome the different types of challenges you encounter every day.

Solutions for Network Technicians
When everyday problems come up, it's the network technician's job to "make it work." In today's business climate, making it work quickly and economically is the top priority.

Solutions for Service Provider Technicians
Contact us for Fluke products and technician level information and support for building, installing, conditioning and maintaining the access network.

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Fluke Networks Products and Accessories



Fluke Networks Testers, Analyzers, Multimeters, Cabling Tools for Voice, Data and Video

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