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Coleman Cable Distributor - Bulk Coax Cable from Coleman Cable

Precision Video / Digital Coaxial, CCTV Coaxial, CATV Broadband Coax, 50 Ohm RF Coax and more

Signa-Wave™ high performance, American made low-loss 50 Ohm RF (radio frequency) coaxial cables. 
50ohm-rf-coax-cableThe Signa-Wave family of low-loss coaxial cables offer superior performance and loss characteristics over higher frequency bandwidths than the "traditional" Military type 50 Ohm coaxial cables: RG58, RG213, RG223, RG214, & RG217. These cables are predominantly used in Land Mobile Radio Communications, but have also evolved for use in: Wi-Fi Networks, Broadband, Satellite Antennas, Mobile Phone, Terrestrial Microwave, Military, Air Traffic Control, Medical, & RFID antennas, with new applications & challenges for low-loss 50 Ohm cables arising all the time.
Signa-Wave low-loss coaxial cables are manufactured in the USA. Coleman is a leading coaxial cable manufacturer with over 36 years of experience and is an ISO certified, and a MIL-I-45208 compliant Qualified Products List [QPL] supplier.
The Signa-Wave coaxial cables are manufactured in accordance and meet military standards for superior electrical performance.

  • Constructions
    Signa-Wave 100, 195, 200, 240, 300, and 400 Series cables are available with flooded (water-blocked) optional polyethylene outdoor UV resistant jacket insulation, to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and Inside Riser Rated Flame Test PVC jacket insulation. Standard lengths are either 500 ft. or 1,000 ft. reels and are available in stock from our new Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin distribution facility.
  • Features
    All are cables are 100% sweep tested to 5.8 GHz bandwidth and feature superior loss
    Excellent flexibility over standard rigid corrugated copper cable
    Compatible to all major connector manufacturers and are easily strippable for quick termination
  • Applications
    Mobile phone, Wi-Fi, Broadband, Satellite Antennas, Terrestrial Microwave, Medical, Military,
    Traffic Control, and Land Mobile Radio

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